How to hook up two 5.1 channal analogs to receiver

This is my first post, but I've been reading on this board for a couple of months now and I've learned a ton and really appreciate it.

I have an Onkyo 676 with only one set of 5.1 analog inputs. The problem is I want both SACD and DVD-A in my system and am unhappy with what I'm reading about the current machines that integrate these two (pioneer47A and marantz 8300). Is there anything I can do to somehow get two separate machines in my system. Thanks.

The rest of my system consists of 4 Vienna Acoustic Bach's and a Rel Storm III with a VA theatro for the center channel. I'm looking for a dvd/cd/sacd/dvd-a player(s) now.
Try the Sony TA-P9000ES. It has 2 6channel inputs and a 6 channel bypass input (also a 2channel bypass input).
I don't see it!!!....
....'m currious to know what your current beef is against the "all in one" sacs/dvda players out there currently actually?! Is it a sound/performance problem/issue you have with them, from what "you're reading"??? I think there's some excellent piece out there that will MORE than suit your needs, and give you excellent potential sound quaility from your sytem!..really, I do!
First, may I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you're NEVER going to get the accurate/unbiased/whole story from simply READING REVIEWS from mostly audio "newbies" and hobbyists on a website! There's simply WAY WAY WAY to many personal biases, misinformed viewpoints, "copy-cat" reviewers, inexperienced/unseasoned audio enthusiests out there, who mostly havn't so strong of a foundation to be giving "God's final word" on any given product!
I've been strongly rooted in high end(and mid-fi) audio for 20 years, and my experience says that you can't get great sound from believing what people say in reviews! Infact, from reading a ton of those reviews my self, simply for the sake of "ear candy", I know that most of those reviews are just way off from reality!...I mean WAY off!!! I read soooooo many reviews that totaly go against all factual information! Even in the "pro reviewer" arena, there's no way to put it all together and get an accurate assesment of what some piece of gear is going to do in your room, your system, or your set up, to make any proper assesments of what the potential of any given piece of audio gear can do! YOu mix that with the fact that a lot of audio mag reviews are "scewed" by "incentives" and "compensation", and the bottom line is that there's really know what to konw what's truth and what's not!!! Sadely this is the case.
That said, may I suggest that, after all, you are also simply using just a "modestly descent-sounding" receiver based system, for one. I honestly don't see any reall world class sonic capability coming from that(or any receiver for that matter) receiver particularly, which would have someone so ultra critical about having the best sounding separate CD player(s) really! Yes, you should try to get the best player(s) you think make sense. But you might want to also consider putting it all in perspective with the rest of your sytem! I'm not being critical or striking in my remarks, just speaking from experience with that unit, and with most any receiver based system!!!! I can see that, if you were really planning on building a very expensive high end separates based systems with world class speakers and gear, and you planned on buying a lot of SACD/DVDA's, you would be inclined to try to get some great separate CD player units. However, given that it sounds like you're using just a receiver for your amp/preamp, I just don't quit get it!...?
Also, do you really plan on building a huge SACD/DVDA collection? I suggest weighing it all out IMO. And, this is just my what you gotta do man!'s all good...
...anyway, it just sounds like you're being really selective about getting "the perfect players" for your cd needs, when the foundation of the rest of your system is only based on a receiver! Hummmm......
If it were me, and I have owned both ultra high end and midfi systems over the years, and hooked up a lot of stuff, I would just do the "all in one" unit, and enjoy it! I think, if you're already happy with your current system, you would be more than happy with a good combi-player!
Personally, I KNOW that far far far too many people in this hobby place way too much emphasis, and make way to many of their buying decisions based on what some other person in a review led them to believe! (including reading my reviews!) Really you gotta walk it out for yourself, and tinker a bit!.
However, if you still do indeed want to get separate units for your CD players, and you plan on keeping the rest of your sytem the way that it is, yes, you could actually make both players work from your reciever! You could use "Y-Splitters from the "out-put's" of your Players into your "multi channel in" on your receiver! You'd be then splitting the two units into the same reciever inputs, affectively "sharing" the input! YOu would only have one player on when you wanted to use that source, and then power on the other when you need that one!. It would work, but with a "slight" decrease in ultimate possible potential in sonics! However, with your gear/sepeakers, may I suggest that it would probably work just fine, and sound fine as well.
I really don't think having someone modify your receiver with another "multi channel input" on your receiver makes sense, so I won't even go there.
Still however, you
Anyway, juyt my assessments. Good luck
Thanks for the responses. chilidog you make some very good points about the review process out there. I don't take what I read as gospel truth, but in the absence of being able to hear a particular product I probably do give reviews too much weight in my decision process. I also completely agree that the receiver is the weak point in the system right now, but i'm not ready to drop money for separates. I was just looking to spend a little on SACD/DVD-A to up my enjoyment level. I also wasn't looking to spend more by going the separates route (wasn't planning on dropping $1000+ per player), but you're right, my reasons for doing this were solely based off of these reviews out there. Perhaps I'll pick up the Pioneer 47A and try it out.
Actually, to clarify: The reason why I was thinking of going separates is because I thought this would be better value for my money. I think (and yes, I've read) that the prices out there for the all-in-one machines are too much for their performance. Basically, I assumed that a $400 SACD player and a $400 DVD-A player would perform better than an $800 integrated machine. I wasn't looking for the ultimate player as I know that would be a waste with the receiver.
Chilidog has good advice. The sony advice from kr4 will be another good way to go if you are set in your mind to go that way. You can buy one used. You can also get a cheap switch box from Radio Shack that would work. You can get a high quality switch box for $200 dollars from They have a web site but I can't remember how to get to it. I would not use a Y splitter though you could be sorry.
Ok, I heeded your advice...I just bought the Pioneer 47A, hopefully I'll have it by the weekend. I'll be sure to let you know what I think.