How to hook up subwoofer

Sorry for the beginner question.

I have a Arcam 8R intergrated amp. It doesn't have Lfe subwoofer outs. It is just a 2 channel stereo amp.

How do I connect a subwoofer to my system?
Do a search, this question comes up frequently.
If your Arcam has "pre-out," you could connect rca interconnects from there to your sub. Alternatively, if your sub has high-level inputs (speaker in), you could run a second pair of speaker wire from the speaker posts on your Arcam.
Your speakers will be receiving full frequency range signal in either case, and it will take some calibration with the crossover settings on the sub, as well as its placement to get things to sound right (lots of patience and listening).
Good Luck

In your second scenario where you are connecting to high-level inputs on the sub, am I correct to understand that you can connect the sub speaker wires to a pair of binding posts that a left or right speaker is already connected to?

You are correct. As the sub uses internal amplifier, it does not draw any real power from the amp binding posts already connected to the speakers.
I think I got it. So I can connect a subwoofer to the 2nd set of speaker posts on the Arcam 8R.

As an example, if it is a Rel T-1, then I only have to connect one wire for the ground on the amp side and use the Speakon connector on the sub side.

My Reference 3A speakers go down to 50hz so I should use that as a crossover starting point. Make sense?

Thank you for your assistance. My integrated amp has a preamp out so both options are available to me. I will try them both unless you can recommend a preferred method.

Thanks again,