How to hook up monoblocks amp to single mono spkr

Dear all,
I am thinking to set up a mono playback using my mono cartridge, ss preamp, and mono block ss power amp. But I want to use one speaker only (hence pure mono).

I need advice on how to hook up one speaker to my mono block? Should I connect the speaker to both of red and black speaker cable (1side) to one of my mono block only? Or 1side of red speaker cable to one monoblock and black speaker cable (same side) to the other monoblock?

If first scenario, should I still turn on both monoblocks? As left And right interconnect from preamp go to both monoblocks.

Thanks in advance for any advice
If playing a mono cartridge (most have two sets of outputs where the same signal appears on both the red/green and blue/white set of terminals) into a stereo preamp/system a precise sound-image will appear right between the two speakers.

If you just want to try what it sounds like with a single speaker, just leave one of the mono blocks off and the sound will come from only the side that's left on. If you want to go "Purist" disconnect the interconnect going to the
unused amplifier, that way it'll be easy to go back to normal once you get your curiosity satisfied :-)

You will not be able to hook up both mono blocks to just one speaker unless your speakers are set up for bi-wiring, where one mono block would drive the HF/MF section of the speaker and the other the LF section

Good listening and happy holidays