How to hook up headphone amp?

Hi,  I am hoping someone can advise how to hook up a headphone Amp to my Jadis integrated please.  My Jadis has not been very reliable ( very expensive) and I'm terrified to cause a problem.
Basically my Lehmann headphone Amp has two rca inputs and a volume knob.  My Jadis has a tape loop, preamp CONNECTIONS AND A tape / source switch on front panel.  Switch on rear I think goes to preamp inputs.  I can't figure out how to attach the schematic and photo of inputs to this post which I know is needed.   Many thanks.  Andrew. 

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Simple. Connect Jadis Tape Out to either one of the headphone amp inputs. Then when you want to listen, set the Jadis to Source and then whatever source (Phono, CD, etc) you're using.

A Tape loop is nothing more than a Line Out and a Line In. It doesn't have to be connected to a tape deck. No worries, you'll be fine!
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Great.  Thank you both.  I really appreciate it.