How to hook up a tube preamp to my integrated amp

The technical side of music is not my strength so I'm looking for some help. I have a MuFi a308 integrated amp and want to hook up a Rogue 66 to use the phono stage for a Rega p25 with Benz Ace HO. The 308 has an AV pass thru and a Tape out. I was thinking that if I pluged the preamp into either of those they would work, but I don't want to screw something up with the amp or preamp. Any advice is helpful.

You can take the phono section of the Rogue out from the tape outs on the Rogue and connect them to one of the line inputs in your 308. Doing it this way will bypass the volume controls of your Rogue. Should work fine.
Idid this a while back,run an IC from the output of your tube preamp to an input of your int amp,just remember to start out with the volume of your tube preamp all the way down and slowly bring it up till your happy ,you should be able to have the volume in your usual posistion on your int. amp,but you can experiment with the volume on both units,,,,hope this helps!
Connect the pre-amp outputs of the Rogue to the AV processor loop inputs of the MFA308. When you engage the AV processor loop/HT bypass button, it simply bypasses all of the pre-amp functions of the MF Integrated, basically turning it into a power amp. None of the "control" functions on the MF Integrated will work when in bypass, so you would use the volume control on the Rogue when the AV processor bypass is engaged.

You might also want to try connecting all of your source components to the Rogue to determine if you like the sound better when the tube pre-amp is in the circuit.


Thanks for your responses and ideas. While all the solutions in all three posts will not destroy my components it seems like the last is most appealing, since I am interested in how my CDP will also sound through the tubes of the Rogue. Thanks again.

You are welcome! It's nice to get a "Thank You" every once in a while!


FYI- Received the Rogue 66 and hooked up the phono through the AV through- it's exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Sounds great, now I want a new amp:(

Thanks all for the posts
hello Revdeg,glad everythings working out !A new amp now! funny how one improvement seems to lead to another !hee hee