how to hook up a pre-amp to a intergrated amp

I Bought a Creek 5350 SE from Audiogon about a year ago with no phono board. How do I hook up a Dynaco PAT-4 pre-amp to the Creek int.amp so that phono will produce? Inputs on Dynaco are Tape head, special, and phono (hi-cer-low-), 2 outputs to amp, one to tape. Also has jacks for spare, tuner, and tape amp. Sekector on front panel shows a phono selection. Creek has pre-amp out, amp out, tape in and out (1 & 2), CD, Tuner, & AV. Selector on Creek panel has Audio, CD, Tuner, AV, Tape 1&2. I have no clue and by experimenting I'd surely burn something up. What selector setting is required on both units? The pre-amp connectors on the Creek have a wire running through them. I'm guessing that needs to be pulled out. Can you help me? Thank you so much.
Set input on Dynaco to phono, take signal from tape out to any unused input on the Creek. Set input selector on Creek to that input. Dynaco volume control should not be a factor on this. Make sure tape monitor switch on Dynaco set to source.
PAT 4: phono in>>tape out. Input selector on phono, and engage the tape monitor to send the phono to the tape outputs. Creek: tape-in, and simply select tape 1 to listen. All line-level and you won't burn anything up, unless you've been burning something else previously.