How to handle infant mortality of Svet 6550C?

Purchased from Vintage Electron,one tube died,out of an octet purchased for my ARC VS110.Tubes were used by me for a total of 4 hours,bias checked metculously after every hour after warmup with no signal.
The dead tube took a resistor with it(hopefully not more-remains to be seen).
My question is:What kind of refund/compensation is in order here:Can I return all 8 tubes?Who is responsible,etc.?
Vendor should replace the tube and maybe retest the others. I use Upscale audio and have had great results. I know UA does very extensive testing.
Not all that unusual. Shouldn't be to hard for vendor to replace the single tube,matching characteristics of others. Resistor is most probably only damage, almost a fuse in arc amps. Have had similar occurrances with arc amps & non-arc tubes...1st time is the most "stressing"
Are you sure that the resistor didn't take the tube with it?
It's unlike a tube to blow that drastically on its own accord. If they are that new, it should be easy to match up an 8th tube. A good dealer will be able to easily do this. You may have to send the 7 back to have them match it properly?
Ask the tech who is going to fix you amp what they think caused the problem.....
Sorry Elevick, but you are completely backwards in your assessment. It is HIGHLY unusual for a resistor to fail on it's own while is extremely common for a tube to fail in a catastrophic manner and take other components with it.

Rey, what does the person who sold you the tubes have to say?
Check also the DC-supply caps arround the bulb that had been blown. These "guys" can likely take away the tube...
Thanks for your responses.
My tech said that it was clear that there was a failed tube.It took 2 resistors with it.BTW,turns out that the Svetlana 6550Cs that were sold to me are actually made by Sovtek.
Anyway,Vintage Electron has offered to replace all 8 tubes,and I will probably content myself with replacing the matched quartet that includes the failed tube.
This is my first experience with current production high power output tubes.I have been quite spoiled in the past with amps that take the likes of KT66,EL37,EL84.But,my CLss need the power.
Reylon, Did you note Jim M's comments re 'round holes' on old Svetlana's? They were not made by Sovtek. KIS's comments were inaccurate.