How to ground an AV receiver


I am having a humming noise issue in my system. Talked to pioneer customer service and the rep told me to ground the receiver. When I asked the rep how to ground the receiver he told me that he does not know how. Can any body tell me how to properly ground a Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH.
If you have this unit hooked up to your cable, there is a good chance that is where the ground loop occurs. You will need a ground isolation transformer that goes in line w the co-ax from your cable. It should have an F-connecter on each end (assuming you are in the U.S.) and can go anywhere it's convenient. There are inexpensive ones on Amazon that you can use to test it out. Then if it's effective, you can go up the food chain if you want.

The Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH has double insulated AC power wiring inside. That is why the manufacture is able to use a 2 wire power cord and plug. The Pioneer's chassis is not designed to be grounded to the safety equipment ground of the wall receptacle.

Grounding the receiver could do more harm than good. It also would not stop the hum.

What audio/video equipment is connected to the receiver through ICs, or video coax cables that use a 3 wire power cord and plug that uses the wall receptacle safety equipment ground?

Also as Swampwalker asked do you have Cable TV connected to the Pioneer Elite receiver? If so for a test disconnect the cable provider's incoming RG6 coax from the cable box receiver and see if that stops the hum.
I once ripped a Yamaha AV receiver off the shelf by yanking it's power cord! ... it quickly landed upside down on the carpet with permanently bent face plate. -grounded!