How to greatly appreciate AudiogoN....

Just go to any local Craigslist in any city.  If you have been an Audio person and kind of stayed into that high end world going to Criagslist will help see why it is such a niche market.  The majority of this country, maybe the world, purchases very bad products....but perhaps that is true for most catagories of consumer products...  But as most of us know the average American's take on sound quality is from their car radio/cd player or a Jukebox. 

How to greatly appreciate Rennlist- just go to any parking lot. How to greatly appreciate WatchUSeek- just look at any wrist. How to greatly appreciate Fine Woodworking- just look at any shop (if you even can find someone who has a shop!). How to greatly appreciate Sky and Telescope- well never mind. Hardly anyone has a shop. No one has a telescope. How to appreciate look at the tires on those cars in the parking lot. Look how many have mismatched tires. How many even know what I’m talking about???
but perhaps that is true for most catagories of consumer products

"Most"? All.

Quality is, has, and always will be a niche market.

The big difference in just random wandering around in the parking lot looking down on somebody’s iron is asking the essential question: what is your fastest lap at Willow?

But the essence of your question lies in the definition of esoteric 

the issue with “ small number” is that it is undefined.

the law of large numbers make FEW actually a decent sized population....

I own a Cellestion Telescope which I love to use in the Summertime.  It's a fascinating universe that we live in.
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The overall quality of consumer goods has improved considerably since 1900!
@roberjerman...*L*  One could hope that 120 years ought to make for improvement....

IMHO, the largest lapse in improvement is, unfortunately. Us.

The more we seem to learn, the more we apparently forget.
We keep hearing that our mental capacity seems limitless.

...and then I see a guy on the tube that shouldn't chew gum when trying to walk....'relatively speaking', all in all...

The more things change, the more they remain the same...*shrug*

WE are the enemy we ought to fear the most....mho....;)
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I have never heard anyone say or suggest that our mental capacity is limitless. In fact technology is decreasing our mental capacity per week at a rate that used to take decades. 
A fine audio system, great guitars, a beautiful piano, a couple Celesteon telescopes and I do woodworking in the garage.  Looks like I’m quite a dweeb...but I do appreciate quality.
My best laps were at Road America.  
King of the Mountain at Cadwell Park.

Google it......