How to get the most out of TV audio?

Please excuse me if there is an obvious answer to this question that I'm not aware of. I'm a bit of a novice.

I watch a lot of music television. Rave and MusicHD for example. How do I get the most out of the audio signal brought to me courtesy of Dish Network?

I'm in the process of putting together my first real 2.0 system. I've got a pair of Vienna Acoustic Beethovens and I'm in the market for an amp.

Do I need an external DAC between my Dish box and my amp?

Any advice appreciated.
Does your dish tuner have stereo output jacks? Hook those to preamp. Digital out would go to a DAC.
I have both stereo output jacks and a digital audio out. Which is going to produce better sound?
I would utilize the digital out on the DishTV receiver to the digital input on your processor/preamp. If you don't have a digital input, use the stereo output coaxial L/R from the DishTV receiver to the stereo inputs on your processor preamp.
I use the stereo out jacks straight to my preamp (I don't have an external DAC or I would do that) and it sounds great so long as I use analytical cables. The feed is a little soft sounding but can be corrected with cables. I use MIT T2 and find them to be perfect. I love RaveHD as well. Sirius too.

My only thought is that using the rca outputs means you are using the dac built into the dish receiver itself. You can probably do better with a standalone dac. I remember someone saying not too long ago that an external dac made an improvement but he thought there was a limit to the improvement. Right now I'm doing what you are but I'm looking around for a dac. I love the Sirius stations. Dan