How to get the most out of Jadis DA50S?

I found out that there are eight speaker binding post (two blacks and two reds at each side). How must I connect? My pair of speakers have only one black and one red behind each.

Pls help, I'm going to buy speaker cable today.
maybe the sets are for 4 and 8 ohms
Ahhhh lucky you with a DA50. Go ahead make us all druel....You must have bought it used, no manuel. The 4 posts are for the WONDERFUL option of biwiring, I'm sure of it. Or is it as Jay says 4 or 8 ohm option which is also quite a perk.
? Not sure really.
Hows the bass? Mids? Highs?
Speaker? cdp?
btw I wouldn't spend alot on speaker cables. I use Home Depot monster copper wire, $1.50 ft, works perfectly fine. In fact radio shaks regular wire is just as good. Goes for interconnects as well. Rat shaks cheapo's are all I need. i was sucked into buying a used Zen pair of interconnects at $250.

EDIT: Just looked at the Jadis web page, like all Jadis amps (except the 300B) the DA50 will accept any impedance loads, 1-16. Jadis quality. So the double posts are for the phenomenal option of biwiring.
I could use something like that as my speakers are double posts. MY JOR has single posts.
Its too bad I didn't see this before. Don't biwire before you know the ohm ratings on the Taps. Call Pierre Gabriel find his website under the manufacturers list on this site he has an 800 number. He's a nice guy and will most likely tell you everything you need to know. Why isn't it obvious it should be, that's the new DA-30, not a lot of power even with great trannies is it?
All Jadis can accept any ohm's.
Please translate your last sentence.
I already send an email with pictures to Allen.

Thank you Mechans for your great comment.
The Jadis DA-50S is a Signature version of the Jadis DA-30 Inox Luxe. The Jadis DA-88S is also a Signature version of the Jadis DA-60 Inox Luxe. Both Jadis DA-60 Inox Luxe and Jadis DA-30 Inox Luxe 2006 Version still available.

Best Regards

Pierre Gabriel

Importer / Distributor for Jadis / Pierre Gabriel products Canada / USA.
toll free Canada / USA: 1-877-430-1485
I want to thanks Pierre Gabriel for his kind reponds.
thanks so much. Also I would like to say thanks to other contributers as well.

I enjoyed the Jadis very much.
Regarding impedance adjustments in jadis them are internal adjusments. At least on the ja-30, 80's and se-300b.
For those that have had a chance to hear the 30 and 50, what difference do you find? The fact that the 30 accepts EL34s and KT88s seems to be a bid selling point to me. The 50 seems to weigh quite a bit more, I assume bigger trannies - how does that translate into sound. I have had an Ars Sonum with my Merlin VSM, but the Jadis has always caught my eye and I'm looking for my last integrated; Jadis owners seems to stay owners for a long time.
The 3rd integrated I would consider would be the VAC Avatar.