How to get the most out of a Metrum Octave Mk II?

I recently bought a Metrum Octave Mk II. I have had it for a couple of months now and I am very excited at how good digital audio reproduction has gotten in my home. My system is comprised of a set of Zu Audio Essence speakers, they have the new upgraded drivers, and I also use a Zu Mini-Method subwoofer to further boost the bass in my system. I power my Essences with a pair of Manley Labs 300b Neo-Retro SE/PP amplifiers running single ended. I use a Manley Shrimp preamp. My transport is a 2012 Mac Mini, and I process my audio files using Pure Music. I have some Hi-Rez files, but most of my collection is Apple Lossless. I have also ordered the iFi iUSB filter, with the two pronged Gemini cable, in order to isolate my DAC from dirty computer power. I am wondering what other Metrum owners are doing in order to get the best sound possible from their setups.

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The only thing I can think of is getting an external USB to Spdif converter. I would recommend the Off Ramp 5. They are spendy but worth it. I had an off ramp and it made a significant improvement with every dac I tried it with (Empirical Overdrive, Chord QuteHD and MHDT Stockholm).

Thanks for the suggestion, but, as I have come to understand it, the Octave Mk II has a very similar USB implementation to the Hex. Reviewers have stated that they found little difference between the Hex's USB imput and SPDIF converted imputs. The one supposed difference in the USB implementation between the Hex and Octave Mk II is that the Hex's USB is internally powered. That's the reason I ordered the iFi USB, in order to isolate my Octave's power from the computer. I may be wrong about all of this, but that's as much as I was able to garner on it.
You will hear much more of a difference by going directly to the HEX vs investing in a superior USB/SPDIF converter.

I tried both the OR5 on the Octave 1 and HEX. HEX is a no brainer.

Those $2000 USB/SPDIF converters are for $5000+ DACs.

Yeah, I would like to hear the Hex someday. I have read that it does better with microdetail and decays than the Octave, but that it does not do rhythm and pace quite as well. It would have to be substantially better than the Octave for me to consider spending the money to purchase it. I originally considered purchasing the original Octave with an Audiophilleo 2, but by the time I had squirreled away the cash the Octave Mk 2 had come out. I chose the mk 2 because I read that it had a very good USB implementation. I am now running my Octave MK 2 with the iFi iUSB power. The iFi takes the Octave's performance up a notch. The iFi iUSB's effect seems subtle at first, but then you realize that what seemed subtle is in fact a step up in resolution and palpable realism. I am very pleased with it.

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