How to get sound from meridian 800v3 in DVD mode

Have only picture in DVD mode no sound , have gone in settings , set it for multichannel , have gone to yamaha surround receiver to activate digital input , still no sound please help
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As I suggested before, ask here:
Can't seem to get info from site, or ask question about my problem
Meridian 2011 is the question/discussion forum.
Meridian WIKI is the repository of personal experience/FAQs.
Duncan's Meridian Info is the repository of Meridian docs. Have you registered?

Thanks kall have now got 2 channel audio and surround working on 2 different systems , how a novice would ever get this result is beyond me
Meridian is not for novices. There is a steep learning curve but most have the dealer do it for them.

Kal have registered on meridian site , it's just as hard to login , and postba thread as it is to set up gear. Unbelievable