How to get rid of groud loop noise from dish ?

I just bought a sony 9000 DVD player, but when I connect the component connecters to my tv I get ground hum in my stereo system. I tried filters on the incoming coax, but the signal from direct tv will not pass through it(it did get rid of the hum). Does anyone have any suggestions?
Try cheater plugs to lift the grounds on various components until you find the mismatch and leave it there.
If your sat receiver has an optical audio output, use it instead of the coax or line level analog outputs. Cheater plugs may or may not be feasible depending on the complexity of the system and the effect upon the sound quality from other, better signal sources. There are in-line isolation transformers for the line level analog signals, but they are probably about as expensive as a new sat receiver with optical output. Good luck.
Line level isolation transformers can be found economically at most car audio shops; they have RCA in's & out's. These will isolate the audio shield connections from the hyper-ground noise which you're experiencing.
Sometimes though, all you have to do to fix this is to ground the coax's shield to your household ground. Use a length of stranded #20 awg wire, strip off some insulation & attach one end to a household outlet's cover-mounting screw, then strip & wrap the other end around the coax connector's shield, securing it with a small cable tie. This brings the coax';s ground potential equal to your household ground, which completely solved the problem for me. I still use the audio coupling transformers as extra insurance, though it may not actually be necessary.
Just wondering if it is a bad idea to common up the grounds. Would this not put a bit of noise onto your audio component's ground? If so, this would not be good for your noise floor.
There is also a small coax device designed to get the hum out. Mondail makes one, it's called the Magic Box. I believe Audio Advisor and Audio Outlet both sell it.
Simple: attach one end of a wire (maybe with an alligator clip) to the outside sleeve of the satellite TV coax cable (where it enters the receiver) and ground the other end. You can also buy a Radio Shack ground block for cable TV that has a little screw for connecting such a wire. don't spend more than $5 on this problem.
I have EXACTLY the same problem with my TV and Sony DVP9000ES. I need to read this in more detail - at least you know you're not the only one, pal :)

I'll be damned! Pal Do what Bob Bundus said. It's cheap and fast and WORKS!
I also had this horizonal line floating on the TV thing, too and THEY BOTH ARE FIXED NOW!
Believe Bob when he says use a cable tie. The connection on the coax needs to be tight for it to really work. To test it, push hard and you'll see it goes away. I had to take the cover plate off to get a good fit on house ground, for now.
THANKS, my Friend! U DA MAN!

happy to be of service, per usual...
Simply use a clean (no oil residue) wire brush on that coax shield to scrape away the oxidized metal for a better connection.
Pal, did you try it yet?
I tried Bobs fix but no dice. Still have the noise. I tried all sorts of filters(including ground blocks), they work for cable but the dish signal will not pass through. My house has aluminum wire,I wonder if that is a problem.