how to get rid of albums

i have over 250 rock albums 70s and 80s jazz some good shape some not.who wants them.i live at zip code 29575 if your local come get them ..i dont know what they are worth or what shipping would be to ship..moody blues,crosby still nash ,eagles,pablo are some titles
My first suggestion would be a local audiophile club but if you don't get anybody to pick up via this post, you could list them on I've been using Freecycle for just about a year & it's an excellent way to get rid of stuff you don't want to bother with.

It's a Yahoo based BBS & can be found in a lot of localities. I just looked up your area & there's one there that's fairly new. Here's the link:

The link should give you all necessary info.

The benefit to Freecycle is the folks that want this stuff will come & pick it up, so easier than taking to Goodwill.
I would love to have them. I have been wanting to get into vinal for a while now and I listen to 70 rock and Jazz.
Maybe you can send them Postage Due. Email me at