How to get my power cord priorities right system wise

Looking for advice regarding how to get my power cord (PC) priorities right system wise.  Understand that I need to establish a solid basis – a good power structure with efficient electrical grounding - which is done with Isotek Evo3 Syncro II connected to a Isotek Aquarius Evo 3 and then components connected with their generic PC's.

Now, in which order do I start upgrading PC's to my components and why in your suggested order? Please see my system here

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Right. Buy one, try it on everything. This is in fact a very good thing to do every time, at least until you've done it enough to have a feel for it. Bear in mind that no matter what anyone else says only you can decide what really works best.

As for the one to recommend to start, could not be easier: Synergistic Research Master Coupler. The only power cord so good they've been making it not for years but for DECADES, there are lots out there so no problem finding one and yet they are so good they still command good resale value even after all this time. You can do better, but only by spending a LOT more! 
Depending upon if you have all your equipment plugged into your conditioner that would be the first place that I would place a high quality power cord. That is because all equipment plugged into that conditioner would benefit. Next would be with the individual source components. IMHO of course.

Welcome to the never ending power cord adventure...

While I totally agree with the posts made by the three very knowledgable audiophiles posted above my post I'm going to mention what I've experienced with several of my systems. This is the order that I found to work best for me, your mileage will obviously vary.
The reason I like that order is that I did exactly what was described above, moving one high-end power cord from one component to another and the order I listed gave me the most notable improvement. There are way too many variables to explain why.
Thanks all for your input. 

Just to clarify, I do have the Isotek Evo3 Syncro II from wall outlet to a Isotek Aquarius Evo 3 conditioner and then components connected from there.
Started with one Isotek EVO3 Elite PC and found most notable improvement when connected between conditioner and Pre/DAC!

Continued with yet another Isotek PC at hand and found most notable improvement when connected between conditioner and CD/SACD!

Have now 3 high-end PC's in the system.

So, here's my findings so far (in ordet of notable improvements);
1) PC from wall outlet to conditioner - Isotek Evo3 Syncro II
2) PC from conditioner to Pre/DAC - Isotek EVO3 Elite
3) PC from conditioner to CD/SACD - Isotek EVO3 Premiere

New power cables get these inexpensive ends added and then put inline with any of three power distribution devices supplying 24/7 current to the TV/Audio systems.  They stay for a month minimum before finding their way into the audio system.  I tend to agree with others above and usually begin the trial with sources and pre amp first then onto power amp.
I agree, try them everywhere, but note that some are designed for digital and might have advantage there. I've noticed that gauge matters even for low power components, especially for dynamics. Are you using a preamp? I'm not, and have found dynamics to be very important i.e. more is better to make up for the missing gain stage.

I'm currently using Cardas Clear on amp and SR Atmosphere level3 digital on DAC. Those tuning bullets really do work and add flexibility to tune the sound. Don't forget the wall outlet! SR just came out with new and improved Orange fuses, I wonder if Orange outlets are next. I have Furutech GTX-R now. I wouldn't bother with an expensive PC for your sub, just play with some midpriced ones.
Edit, Paradigm reached out and said Personas do have Grills as a special build option for a little extra.

Have now the following PC setup in my system.

And, here's my findings so far (in ordet of notable improvements);
1) PC from wall outlet to conditioner - Isotek Evo3 Syncro II
2) PC from conditioner to Pre/DAC - Isotek EVO3 Elite
3) PC from conditioner to SACD/CD - Isotek EVO3 Elite
4) PC from conditioner to Active Sub - Isotek EVO3 Elite
I was super doubtful regarding the PC to the sub but boy did that have an improvement on the actual sub frequencies and the whole sound experience.

Have not tried to upgrade PC to my Pass Labs XA 30.5 for the reason that I now live in Sweden and the Pass was bought when I lived in Dallas,TX thus in need of a Series transformer AT-1500 NV:
• 230 V/AC to 115 V/AC
• Max. Power output 1500 VA
I checked with Wayne Colburn at Pass Labs regarding any impact on the amp and he responded “ On this size amplifier I think you are fine some of the larger amps don't like these. I used power conditioning successfully on line level products for years.”.

This means in my case PC from conditioner to transformer and another PC with US connector -hard to get in Sweden, need to import- from transformer to amp. Will try high-end PC between conditioner to transformer next week but are doubtful of improvements since stock PC still from transformer to amp.

And finally, have I noticed any improvements of the sound with the implementation of high-end power conditioning/PC's -as described above? Yes, big time!!
For me this have been an eye-opening experience and there is no turning back.