How to get my money back?

Recently I purchased some cables from a non-audiogon member, paying by wire transfer. A week later,the guy stated that the cables got stolen on its way to the post office (he said he stopped on the way for a drink). He sent me a check which my sister received but misplaced it. Two months have gone by and we haven't been able to find the check. I asked the guy to stop payment of the cheque and issue me another one, deducting all charges. But he has stopped replying to my e-mails and it seems he would be happy to appropriate my hard earned cash? Is there anything I can do to? Okay, I lost the cheque but he also lost the cables! All correspondences have been made via e-mail. I have a bank statement certifying that I transferred the money into his account, and an e-mail from him about the lost cables and his intention to refund me after losing the cables.
Please help.
Be a (Continue to) be a squeaky wheel!
Well try an get a phone # and give him a call.The fact that he a mon member puts you in a difficult position,as Audiogon would help you with this had he been a Audiogoner.Generally speaking most transactions go very smoothly with members,and if there is a dispute between 2 parties it usualy gets resolved within the community.
Well, the bottom line seems to be, given how careless you guys have both been; this fella is not an honest man. I don't know how much money we're talking about. In the future, stay in our (Audiogon) community. It's safer, friendlier, and, most of the time, from my experience, right on. It might be best to let it go, and call it a lesson learned. Getting this money back the legal way? don't have a clue. Do you really want to go that way?
sorry I couldn't be a help,
good luck
Call his local police dept and ask for fraud and file fraud charges. Even in this set of curcumstances this is what it has become. You paid for something, and you neither recieved the item or a refund. Hard ass? Yes, but sometimes its what it takes. All this depends on how much monet it is, less than fifty oe I would blow it off, but a couple $100, I would be getting his attention. By the way you can also file charges
in your locale, but usually more effective in theirs.
Pursue it as if no money changed hands. The demand for payment is not satisfied until the check is deposited or cashed. It is NOT the same as losing cash, money orders, certified or teller's checks. Small Claims court (or equivalent) is the usually the first step for recovery. Contact the court clerk and ask how to proceed (if you go at it alone). Of course, I do not know the other side of the story and by no means is this legal advice.