how to get lift to work on a technics sp 1700

my nephew has become interested in vinyl so i regifted him with an old technics my pa had given me for parts for another project thinking that if he remained interested i'd look around for a rega once he collected a few records etc. to my surprise, the speed was right on, we got an old benz gold cartidge aligned and balanced easily but the cueing platform is frozen. how about dripping or spraying some wd-40 vs liquid wrench on the shaft of the cueing platform? any experience?
You'll find that the rubber belt on the armature return motor has perished and broken.

If you push the cueing button and you hear a faint wrrrr sound then that is exactly what the problem will be. If it doesn't wrrrr then there is something else wrong that I can't begin to diagnose here.

if the wrrrr sound exists, just go to the local electrical store and buy a small rubber belt. I can't remember the exact measurement but it requires you to take the body cover off to install it anyway so just delve into the body to measure it. somewhere around 50mm +/- a few mm if my memory serves me correctly.

50mm is around 2 inches in the old imperial system.