How to get HDMI audio to Schiit Freya

Bedroom system: 
schiit freya+ (Haven’t bought yet) 
accuphase power amp
ascend acoustic Sierra2-ex speakers 

What’s the best way to get my appletv audio to a Schiit Freya+ without compromising the sound quality too much. I only need two channel. The freya+ has balanced and rca inputs only. 
Also, I don’t have a dac for this setup yet, but I will eventually buy one and would like it to network with my roon setup from my main system. 

Usually via the TV's optical output.
The component DAC (of choice) should have Optical In.
Then output to Freya.
TV may have Analog Out RCA.
@erik_squires the schiit has no dac. Rca / xlr in out only. But, that said most DACs would have a tosslink input so that would work. 

You might consider a Schiit Modi Multi along with your Schiit Freya+. I am very happy with mine.