How to get 5.1 digital source into analog pre-amp

Hi all. I've been stymied thinking about this and thought I would tap into the expertise on a-gon....

Suppose you have a great analog pre-amp with multiple 6 channel analog inputs. As sources you have a great universal disc player with great DACs that you are sending to the pre-amp via the player's analog outputs. Then suppose your second source is a digital satellite receiver with only digital outputs for multi-channel sound. What can you do to get the sound in multi-channel into the analog pre-amp, short of buying a cheap AV receiver and using its digital in and its pre-outs (or would this even work)?

Is there such a thing as a decent sounding stand alone multi-channel DAC?

Thanks for the help!

Aside from professional/studio devices, the only ones are discontinued or cheap. For that very purpose, I use a Technics SH-AC500D which is good enough for that task but there are others that might do.

The Technics that Kal mentioned, Onkyo ED-301 (I have one of these), and I think Sony had something, although I don't recall that model. Of course these are all old units...long ago discontinued, you can find them at Ebay sometimes.

I used the MSB;sorry I can't remember the model #. This was thee swiss army knife of digital processors.Coax or toslinc in;--pcm-out--(It had a digital out that you could hook up to a 2ch dac.)---Like everybody says--old. I think near 10 years 'old'.
I think I had to have this msb, to get dts from lazer disk.
I think that was because my processor Citation 7.0 didn't have digital inputs---as I remember
Thank you all for the helpful responses. As is often the case I find myself amazed at what CAN'T be purchased despite a clear need.

My other recent experience with this was for something much more basic, but also unobtainable and (for me) very important: I have tight clearances near my power conditioner, so I was looking for a simple right angle adapter (NEMA male to NEMA female) to change the angle at which plugs would enter the power conditioner. Couldn't find them anywhere! Even at electrical supply houses. Sure I could find right angle power cords with cheap wires, but I just wanted the shortest possible route to do this.

I guess it's the old rules of supply and demand, but this hobby sure can be frustrating -- if I consistently have issues like this come up and my set-up is not particularly unusual, my guess is that a large portion of us have issues like this with some regularity. Maybe I'll post a new thread...

Thanks again.

outlaw audio 990 is a good sounding cheap 5.1 ch pre/processor for $1100 new or a bit less used. it is a large however. thats what I use to feed HT to my 2 chan. system.