How to fix Noise at first powered on in Primare A30.2 - High DC offset


I won a Primare A30.2 in eBay, but there is problem. When I first power it on, there is long noisy (about 30 second 3 months ago, but now about 5 minutes), then the noise stopped. Then, when there is the signal from the preamplifier, it need about 10 second for the right channel to get full power as in the left one.

I take some measurements and found that the DC at the input always very high, about 5V DC.

Please someone help me to fix the problem.

Thanks in advanced!
Better take it to a qualified technician before it'll destruct further.

Good Luck

Thank you,

However, I'm not in the USA and there's very few people here get used to fix that brand Primare. They also need to get more information about the fixing problem.

What does the noise sound like? Bacon frying?  I would be very careful with that much dc on the output. It sounds like a transistor going south. It is probably a matter of time before it completely goes. Right now it is leaky. When it goes it might take other transistors with it. When it goes fully you get full rail voltage at your speakers. If the fuse does not catch it you will be in trouble.