How to fix B&W 800's?

My Dad inherited some B&W 800's from a friend (I am told this is the model number). One of the woofers on one speaker is blown (and has been removed). What is the best way to go about repairing them? Can you still get the drivers?
I have never seen these - not in pictures even; they are obelisk shaped (not the Matrix 800's) I am told. Can anyone speak to the quality/performance of these speakers in addition to the above? About when were they sold?

it sounds like you have the original 800s. the woofers are the same ones used in the older 801s. their are just two more. i would think that b&w could fix you right up. do these speakers have sort of a triangle shape top and bottom? if so they were 15k when new.
You may also be able to find a suitable replacement with a current driver. It would mean a little bit if backengineering and for the sake of consistency, you'd want to change both drivers. It can be done; you'll just have to do some serious reading. Find the Theil/small parameters of the original driver: either write B&W or since one driver is working, start measuring it. Then search the net for a comparable (and most likely superior) new model. You'll also have to know the crossover point and type, in addition to the cabinet volume, tuning (if bass reflex), etc. It may entail some changes to the crossover: not alignment changes or parts upgrades, but, I believe, just because the new driver may be different in a few parameter you'll have to change a few component values in the crossover. That's all I know off hand, but I don't know that specific speaker. If B&W has the information I can't see any reason for them not wanting to give it to you since the speaker is out of production and they're not going to lose any money. Sometimes though the companies are lazy and just don't care though, or even keep records.
I suggest you just call B&W @ (978)664-2870. Just ask for the service department. They can tell you if the drivers are available or not. Perhaps even consult a tech. for you on a possible replacement if they don't have any.

I actually needed to get some pricing for some replacements parts of a speaker that was damaged in transit a while back and man, were they helpful!! The service department went WAY overboard to help me. They even fax'd me a quote within 5 minutes of hanging up the phone. I believe the person I talked to was Todd, but I can't remember for sure (it can't hurt to ask.)

Good luck.
Equity International in North REading , Mass. is the B& W Distributor. They have a service department & can probably repair the drivers for you. Call them at 978-664-2712. Good luck; Larry W