How to fix a Yamaha DSP-A1 lighting problem ?????

My Yamaha DSP-A1 front orange lamp comes on for about 30 seconds and then goes off. I can't tell what what mode I'm in. Can anyone tell me how to fix it ??? I'm new here just for this reason. Thanks.
Have you checked the manual to see if there is an adjustable lighting delay? Some products have a mode where the display goes off after a certain period of time.
Yes, I have checked and thats not the problem. I have been on hold with Yamaha for 45 minutes while they try and find the part number for the led bulb or panel. I know from reading on other sites that this was a common problem. thanks
Hi A1audio,
When you find out how to fix this, please e-mail me and let me know. I have 2 of these units (one gold/one black) and although I don't have your problem now, I may someday. You are right, this appears to be a common problem. Thanks much,
Sid42 ([email protected])