How to fine the Rotel RSP1068 Menu screen

I have tried everything the manual says about enable the ‘Progressive’ setting for each component video source that uses a 480p or higher resolution, and I just can't figure it out.
Are you tring to get the menu up on the screen. If so I push the AUD botton twice then press the M button it has menu on top and OSD below. I use the component video for my son x-box. Send me an e-mail if you need help thanks Steve.
Do you have a S-video cable running from the Monitor out to an input on the TV? It is not visible through the other connections (unless it's different from my 1066 in that regard).
It is under the "other: section on menu, I have mine selected as Progressive "ALL" as I use component video cables exclusively.
Just make sure "audio" is first selected on remote (top button on left) then hit "M" (just below mute) then pull up system status screen then once "system status" is listed hit select. then scroll down to "other" and its right there.
I know about every single trick, setting and flaw of the 1068 so mail me if you need and we can do it over the phone, I can show you some secrets too.
You are correct (Chadnliz), sorry for the misinformation.