How to find

I use to get there by but took over the service yesterday. I am unable to access current postings or post myself. Is there another way to get there? Thanks, any help is appreciated.
Click on Usenet Advanced Search, then just type the name of the newsgroup, ie, and leave all the other fields blank.
Problem is, nobody seems to be using it anymore.
Click on your email browser (i.e., Outlook Express). Click on Tools (in the Toolbar), Click Newsgroup. Download the audio groups, enjoy !!
Last one turn the lights out!!!!! deja is dead.. no new postings
If your internet account does not give you access to NewsGroups, then you are out of luck.
Whoa down there, cowpokes! Deja isn't "dead"; just undergoing a somewhat Kafkaesque metamorphosis into some "Google" thing. They claim they will have a new "deja-like" interface soon, when things should resume their usual wierd ways. 'Til then, no new posts (or so they claim). For as complete an explanation as they apparently are willing to provide, see (yeah, it still goes somewhere...)