How to filter Audiogon results to Canada only.

I am looking for an amp and preamp but want to buy local. Is there a way to filter Audiogon's search results to my province? Apologies if this thread is in the wrong sub forum.
You can filter a search by zip-code or postal code.
Hey donvito,Thanks for your reply
Am I missing something or are those results from the US in your link?

I would like search results from British Columbia, Canada. Just had bad luck in the past with shipping damage so want to buy local to me.

Hey jond,
My postal code is V5M 4B4. When I enter it in the zipcode box it doesn't seem to recognize it and I just get the same US search results.
How many people will be selling what you want in your zip code not to many.Good luck though!!
It looks like it will not take a Canada postal code. You should ask Audiogon how to do it!
You can also try Canuck Audiomart.
Canuck audio mart is an excellent website with a bunch of fun folks on the forums.
(If a bit regional in their hairy shirted opinions.  :p) (I'll probably get a swat from someone for that) (all in good fun)
I have been checking CAM several times a day for a year or more. Nothing has really come up that interests me except for two Classe mono amps and a Classe pre. I am hopeful that some Krell or Pass Labs stuff will be listed but no luck yet.
Have you used the saved searches feature on CAM?
If you are close to the border why not have it delivered to a town nearby (FedEx or UPS store) and pick it up yourself. You will be opening yourself up to a lot more potential sellers. I have shipped and bought a few amps from Canada and have not had any issue other than one time delay at customs.
I've asked Audiogon several times, and they always agree, that they need to add filters for location, equipment, balanced vs. SE cables, power ranges for amps, push pull vs SE, length of cables, etc. They always say it is a good idea and will get with the programmers but as of yet have not acted on it
You are so right about more sellers but after some feckless shipping staff smashed up a turntable I had shipped here I swore off the delivery of components. The hassle and frustration is just not worth it.