How to fill a vibaplane 2210

Just got one of these from someone who had it sitting for about 4 yrs- when I put my sons basketball pump to it it would not budge but when I hit the release valve there is no air so I guess there is no air in it- do I need a certain type of pump- How do you know if it filled- thanks for the help-
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I have one under my turntable. I use a bicycle pump.

Turn it upside down and then see if the feet move when you start to pump. It may just be sticky. You may not be getting a good seal with the pump you are using. You may also have a leak and it will be easier to track it down when you can see the inside of it.

After you determine where the issue is in the Vibraplane you can contact Sounds of Silence in New Hampshire and the can likely help you. They sell Vibraplanes primarily for audio use.

1.     Connect a hand pump with a clamp on fitting (Any bicycle Hand Pump should work) to tank valve. 

2.     Open the toggle valve marked No. 1 in Fig 3 (move toggle up) and inflate the first airmount until the left front corner of the platform rises approximately 1/2 of an inch. Deflate if necessary by pushing the control valve in.    

3.     Close the toggle valve (move toggle down). 

4.     Repeat the previous two steps for the second and third airmounts respectively, until the platform floats freely. 

5.     Check to see if the platform is floating freely by pressing down and pulling up by hand on the platform top at each airmount location and releasing. If the platform does not float freely, inflate or deflate as necessary. Check for and remove any obstructions that may inhibit platform movement. 

6.     If properly inflated and level, floating height should be approximately 4 inches all around. 

7.     Replace the "Tank Valve" cover to minimize seal leakage during operation.

If you would like me to send you the full manual please just send me your e-mail.