How to expand of line inputs?

I have a Placette single linestage pre. I always thought that would be enough for my stereo needs. Then came PC audio. Now I would like to use my cdp and SB3 without having to plug and unplug. Do people have a suggestion (short of replacing my pre) for being able to connect both the cdp and SB to the pre? I'm thinking there must be some kind of splitter (perhaps with a toggle switch) but I'm not sure about whether it would degrade the sound quality.
An outboard DAC with more than one input would alleviate your problem. You can also get an A/V switcher. I have one made by Sima that has digital and analog switching. It also has signal sensing and remote control. Of course, anytime you add a switch you have to worry about degrading the sound. A DAC would be your best option. They just don't put enough inputs on preamps these days. I need about eight.

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Manley has some device, I forget the name, that expands line inputs. Check their website I'm sure it's on there somewhere. Good luck!

The Manley solution is called the Skipjack. Unfortunately it retails for $900.
Thanks for your recommendations. I'll check out the cost of the Mapletree line router. If too much, I'll look at the Sima. I'm currently using the DAC-Ah while my Cary cdp is in the shop. I especially like it because I can toggle between my PC and cdp. Once the Cary's back I don't think I'll be using the external DAC. Of course, I'll compare the Cary's internal with the external. My system's really in flux at this time as I move gear in and out.



the 47 Labs selector....rather expensive but high quality. The Luxman seems decent enough.