How to enjoy hi quality music when sports

Hello, everyone! I like music and also a sports lover. I love to wear headphones in the morning and walk in the park. I have several great HiFI players, but they couldn't be brought during exercise because they were big and heavy and I could only enjoy HiFi lossless, maybe I am used to HiFi lossless music and can't accept ordinary Mp3 music, this problem has bored me for a long time, so I have been looking for a Portable mini hifi player which fits for sports for a long time until I met with this payer. Found one: FIWWAT HiFi Player. 


At first, I am not sure whether its sound quanlity can be good enough, for I have seen its size so small in the enthernet. But I am really eager to enjoy high quality music when doing sports, so I bought one to have a try.


When I opened the packing to find that it is really so mini size and wonderful with a comfortable clip, its design is really so good for me to take when doing sports, that is amazing.


But What I really care about is its sound quanlity, I have several music formats in my folders- mp3, wma, wav, alac, flac, ape, ogg, dsd, etc, and this player support all of them, especially dsd. Fantastic!! Specified with Dual ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, Built-in Wolfson WM8740 DAC Decoding Chip and TI TPA6130 amps. Although this player can not compare with so professional Hi-Fi Device, but it is enough for me as a music and sports lover when doing sports. And its price is so beautiful and nice! Take this lovely mini hifi player with me when doing sports or attending outdoors activities!


I addition, I also found that it also connects well to the radio, and Recording function is also nice! It can also be as a good gift for my grandmother, for she really loves to listen to the radio.