How to eliminate standby AC line current

I am using a 10vdc Xantech AC-1 to trigger my legacy Harman Kardon PT2300, along with other components.

The whole idea of using the AC-1 is to have all components controlled by the single remote tied to my Parasound P5.

I believe the problem is that in standby mode the AC-1 has a current draw of 2 mA (.24 Watts).

When I switch my system on through the P5 remote control, the PT2300 comes on properly along with my other components, however due to the standby current noted above, when I power down the system the PT goes into its own standby mode and then can be turned on again only via its own remote control, totally negating the intent. All other components turn on/off as they should.

Thus my question. Can I somehow override the standby line current coming out of the AC-1 (reducing it to zero)so as to force the PT to shut down completely, while still allowing the P5 to power up/down all components properly?

Thank you for any thoughts.

Bruce R.
Is there a reason you're going through all this trouble? Most SS preamps and sources are never meant to be fully shut off. Sometimes, its recommended you leave a piece fully powered up at all times, and most others go into a standby mode where they remain partially powered up.

I guess that if you must have everything completely turn off, you could use a wall switch and do it manually. If you must be able to use the remote, I'm sure theres some type of home automation product that will allow you to shut a wall switch off with a remote.
Thanks for the response. I guess I was unclear as to the problem. Let me try again.

I want to be able to power up/down all components from a single remote control. The remote I have chosen is the P5 remote. The P5 has a 10vdc trigger out port which is meant to connect to a trigger in port on any down stream components that one wishes to turn on/off via the master remote. For most modern equipment one simply daisy chains the units via the trigger ports and everything works as planned.

However, if one has a legacy component with no trigger in port the only way to get it to turn on/off via the remote is to use a devise like the Xantech AC-1, which has a trigger in port and a 110v ac out receptacle. You connect the AC-1 trigger in to the trigger out from the P5 and the legacy unit to the 110 ac outlet and when you press the P5 remote to on the AC-1 turns the AC outlet on and the legacy unit fires up. Turn the P5 remote off and the AC-1 ceases to receive a signal through the trigger, the AC outlet goes dead as does the legacy unit. At least that is the way it is supposed to work!

In the case of the Xantech AC-1, when in the off position it still sends a 2mA (.24 Watt) current through the 110 AC outlet to the legacy unit. Unless the current falls to ZERO the legacy unit puts itself in standby mode. Once in standby mode it can only be turned back on by way of its own remote. Thus negating the single remote plan.

What I want to know is can one somehow (external wiring?) reduce the off position current coming out of the AC1 to ZERO, thus allowing my legacy unit to turn completely off and then on from my P5 remote.

this may on your PT2300