How to dismantle Well Tempered for shipping?

How to dismantle Well Tempered for shipping?


I am trying to dismantle / pack my Well Tempered Classic early model for shipping?

How do I get the fluid out of the bearing and the viscous dampening fluid out of the arm cup?

Can I clean the cup off after getting the fluid off?

IMPORTANT: How do I get the arm off, what about the tonearm wires that’s connected to the rare of the plinth???????????????????? Do I solder and get it off?

Rap- There is hole for an allen head set screw on the right side of the plinth. The set screw loosens the arm for VTA or removal. Take the appropriate sized allen wrench, loosen the screw a couple of turns and gently pull the arm up out of it's hole.

There are a couple of screws holding the connector bracket on the rear of the plinth. Unscrew those and the bracket stays with the arm. (You probably need to do this first before removing the arm.)

Blot up the fluids with a paper towel or clean rag. As I recall, rubbing alcohol with clean up any residue.

Refer to your owner's manual for details. If you don't have one, I might be able to dig mine up and fax it to you.
Hello Jimbo3,

Thank you so much for you kind offer, sincerely.
I do have the manual but it never says anything about removing the fluid.

I am assuming the same goes for the bearing lubricant as well? Pour it out or use a damp cloth to soak it off?

The wiring from the tonearm, do I have to unsolder it?


Rap- Yes, you're on the right track with pouring out as much as you can, then wiping out as much as possible with a paper towel, then clean up the residue with either rubbing alcohol or denatured. (Can't remember which- let me check on that for you.)

DO NOT UN-SOLDER THE TONEARM LEADS FROM THE CONNECTION BRACKET. Once again, remove the two screws and the bracket will come away from the plinth. The bracket, leads and arm are one assembly.

Thank you kindly!

One more thing!
The attachment in the cup of the tonearm,(microfilament/fishing string) to the base -white ring which resides in the cup..........leave it in the cup when I get the fluid out correct?

What about the lubricant for the platter, same as well?


Rap- Yes, leave it in the cup. You'll need to stuff the cup with packing material to keep the disc in place. Pack the arm carfully so that it doesn't put any strain on the string.

Also, the manual says rubbing alcohol to clean up the fluids.

Good Luck!
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Just purchase an Ariston dc40 turntable and it needs to be refurbish. i would like some help to indentify some good repair shop. most of all some help to dismantle the unit for shipping. This is my first high end turntable all suggestion are welcome.