How to determine high current amplifiers

A couple of weeks ago I asked for recommendations on amplifiers to drive my Maggies 1.6Q. I was overwhelmed with all the amp recommendations. Although some differences in opinion on which would power the Maggies best - SS versus Tube - all seemed to agree that high current is more important than wattage. I am trying to narrow my list but I need to fully understand how to distinguish between low and high current amplifiers. What should I be looking for on the specification sheet that would denote high voltage?

I need the help of you experts out there in AudiogoN world..
Don't worry about current and voltage. Look for your target watts per channel into 8 ohms. Then see what the power is at 4 ohm, and, if given, 2 ohm loads. If the power increases considerably with decreasing loading, then the amp is powerful enough to drive the speakers regardless of how much current is put out or what the voltage is. What's important is how much in reserve the amp has rather than a given current rating at only one load point - which is worthless. You can get trapped if you go by the marketing term "high current".
It is not just about current and it is not just about watts.I have heard 400 watts rms amps that sound outstanding and powerfull,and I have heard 17 watts rms amps on the same system sound outstanding and powerfull.Hope this helps(wink).
A truly high current amp will double it's power everytime the impedence is cut in half. If you have an amp that has 400 watts at 8 ohms it should provide 800 watts at 4 ohms.
Are there cases where brand advertisements can be misleading relative to wattage output at various loadings? Or this nothing to fret about.
I own Maggie 1.6s also. I own vintage and contemporary power ams, solid states and tubes. Couple of my amplifiers do an absolute magnificent job of driving the Maggies:
- Threshold CAS2 (110+110)
- SAE 2201 (100+100)
- Dynaco MKIII (classic tube 60+60)

I'm in the market for a Rogue Zeus power amp myself (225+225). The founders of Rogue use Magnepans and I have spoken with them about the capability of Rogue power amps driving Maggies. They told me even the 90W Rogue drives the Maggies just fine.


I'm driving Apogee Duetta Signatures with Rogue M-120 magnums...not a problem at all for the Rogues.