How to correctly use the SDS with the Scoutmaster

When changing records on my VPI Scoutmaster is it better to stop the turntable platter by using the turntable motor on/off button or the SDS on/off button? Thanks
The biggest difference is that if you use the button on the SDS you take advantage of a voltage ramp while the record gets up to speed-a little bit easier on the SAMA.
I think you would be better off using the motor switch. The SDS will start the motor off at full voltage then ramp down to the preselected running voltage after a few seconds. You don't need to switch the SDS off and on to get this feature. Switching the SDS off and on will cause more stress on the SDS circuitry compared to leaving it on continuously. say "toe may toe" I say "toe mah toe"... but I'd rather stress a circuit than an electromechanical device...
I always leave my motor switch depressed in the on position, and turn the motor on and off with the SDS switch
It's obvious there are differing opinions on this matter. I did email Mike at VPI Industries and he recommended that I use the turntable motor, not the SDS. Here was his response:

'I would use the turntable as the SDS will run
better if left on while listening.'

Thanks for your responses.
im not sure i understand mike's response. the sds is always on while listening. the instructions that came with it says "both the sds and the turntable plugged into it may be turned and off with the sds's power switch", which is how i've used it. having said that, i'll try it the other way for ahwile and see if i notice any difference.
yeah, i don't really understand that response either