I would like to learn how to correctly by-pass the mid-range and tweeter pots on a pair or Acoustic Research AR3a's Thanks
A quick google took me to "restoring the AR-3a" at This pdf has everything you could possibly need to know about that AR.
Thank you, however after reading the text,they do not show you how to by-pass the pots. I have heard that these speakers sound much better with the pots disconnected. Does any one know a speaker repair outfit that might be able to do this work? Thanks
Find the terminal, on each pot, that leads to ground(#1) and cut that lead. The other two terminals(#'s 2 and 3)on each pot, need to be connected together, via a jumper wire(bypassing the pot's resistive element and wiper). Or- you can clip the wires from the terminals(2&3), and connect them together. Terminal #3's lead will be coming from the crossover element(the pot's input), and #2's lead will be connected to the respective driver(pot's output).