How to Convert Stereo Amp to Monoblock?

I ordered two 300B stereo amps that were supposed to be converted by the manufacturer to monoblocks. They weren't. I emailed the manufacturer and told them they didn't convert them as they said they would. They apologized and said they would send me cables. They didn't.

I'm not going to be able to get any support from them. So, there's nothing I can do about that. Lesson learned and I'm moving on.

However, I need to convert these into monoblocks. I have NO idea how to do so.

Please let me know how to do this using cables, or if there's a "better" way. By better, I mean a way that will not negatively impact the sound.

Please don't ask which manufacturer because I want this thread to be approved by the moderators. Sorry, but a thread in which I vented didn't make it to the board. Probably a good thing for everyone because I was pretty upset about my experience with them.


I certainly understand your dellema!

When a stereo (aka 2 ch amp) is converted to a monoblock, the one channel ("A" or Left) carries the for example the positive 'swing' of the signal and the other channel ("B" or right) carries the negative swing.

What must be done in your amps is that the input connection must be differentiated so that the one amp section gets the 'positive' part of the signal and the other the 'negative' part of the signal.

Your speaker connetions also changes. If the right channel carries the negative part of the signal then the right channel's '+' terminal is the monoblocks NEGATIVE pole and with the left channel carring the positive part of the signal then the left channel's '+' terminal is now the monoblock's POSITIVE pole.

Drop me a private e-mail and then we can discuss this in greater detail...

Best of luck,
Dewald Visser
NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is called 'bridging', and it's a lot more complicated than Mark is up for. He's gotten lots of advise about paralleling channels in the other same-named thread that apparently you didn't see.