How to convert MP3 to CD on hard drive w/o burning

I'm hoping to download some better quality MP3s, convert them to cd format on my hard drive, export them via digital cable to my Monarchy 24/96 Dip and Nelson DAC. I've got all the pieces except this one. I don't even have a CD burner (waiting for DVD burners so I can burn 24/96 from my vinyl!)

MP3 burner programs are easy to find. This one has been tough. Feel free to email me a solution or program at
QuickTime Pro will convert mp3 to aiff or wav, which is what format cd's are burned in. Acutally, I"m not sure what file format the record companies use, I think it might be cd audio format. But I know that aiff and wav is readable by any machine that will read cd-r.

Quicktime pro is avaialbe from apple for 30 dollars. Quicktime itself is available free from apple, but the pro version is the only one that does the conversion. They have both a mac and windows version available.
Get a free download of Winamp. You may convert MP 3's to multiple file types with this powerful little program. Do a google search...winamp file conversion. There are numerous explainations on how to do this. FYI, when converting to wav files the file size becomes large (as large as the original audio cd) so if you keep these on your computer you may need another hard drive for storage. A cd burner would be a less expensive option (also easier to install than another hard drive) and will automatically convert MP 3's to audio cd. Also, keep in mind that you cannot improve the source. Garbage in, garbage out.
Thanks Lugnut!
I got the plug in I needed, and all works good. I put off on MP3's until now after hearing the smuck that many people today download and listen to. I figured what the hey, might at well push the envelope for what mp3 will do. With high end equipment, it still blows away most peoples cd player, and is at least listenable.
Ok, Ok, my wife wanted some internet only Chris Issak mp3's and I got carried away, aight?
why would you wonna do it, if you wonna keep it on hard drive? You can't gain any sound quality since sound already compressed and the file would be much larger if you convert to WAVE.

I use this device
to send mp3 sound via optical or coax cable to my receiver.

As for programs I use dMC Audio CD or MusicCoverter from
I agree with Chelentano. The mp3 format is lossy compression (aprox 11.5 to 1 for a 128 kb/s). -You can't gain anything by converting to cda or wave format other than being able to burn a cd and play in your cd player.