how to convert dvd's and blu rays to digital store them and play them back on your TV?

I have thousands of DVDS and blu ray discs. Is there any way I can store them digitally , access them electronically / digitally and play them back on my TV.?
Thank you
You will probably want to look into the high end media players such as Zidoo, Zappitti and Dune. 

Zappitti actually just recently came out with a mass storage NAS device that will rip DVDs blurays and CDs into it's storage array for playback:

It's likely expensive, but combined with a Zappitti media player, it's what you're looking for.
Just use a ripper program. There are gobs of ’em.
Put them on a drive and plug them into a player.
Roku Ultra $80. Old ones work fine too. Or a Samsung, LG or TCL TV.
Are you late to the party or what?
Been doing this for 20 years. Just to avoid previews and other BS when all I wanna do is watch a movie.
I travel with an old Roku and mucho movies on a SSD. 
Your movies ( music ) are stored on the Zappitti NAS.
The NAS is connected to your network ( Ethernet )
The Zappitti media player in connecte to your network ( Ethernet )
The media player detects the NAS and all the movies ( music) in it.
Probably , Apple TV 4K would detect the NAS too.

Zappitti media player ( I think )
You need a ripper program. Once the discs are converted to files you can play them with Plex media server (free) on a smart TV or Roku, Chromecast, Fire Stick etc connected to the same network. I can play anything on the computer via Plex. It’s just faster with better control plugged in. I use one ripper for mono and another for surround. But to decode dts they have to be played via my Sony BluRay.
I don't have a clue what the Zapiti (?) is good for.
Except lightening your wallet. You can buy a ripper program and a used Sony to play it on. for <$100.

Or if you know how, find a free one.
I’ve got a free Blu one but never got around to getting a cheap Blu drive for the PC.