How to convert an input to tape output

I am purchasing a Jolida 1301 integrated amp but strongly want a tape output. I need some sort of headphone capability with this amp. A tape output would allow me to hookup a headphone amp. I heard that a tape out is an option from the factory at Jolida, but I am buying this unit second hand. I believe they use one of the inputs and convert it to a tape output. Is this a hard thing to do? Do I need to make an actual tape loop configuration for this sort of thing? If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this please let me know. Any other suggestions on how I can include a headphone capability with this amp are also welcome.
Thanks, Matt
Not sure, but if the pre section is passive, wouldn't that make a difference?
A competent tech can do this pretty easily. Of course, you have to find one and pay for it.

You need to run wires from the preamp section and, more than likely, insert a buffer. Not hard if you know what you are doing.

Thanks guys...I'm sure I can find someone in my area.
The other thing I thought of using is one of these:
Little cheaper than a good headphone amp. Any thoughts?