How to control speed when using Exact Copy

I've been trying to control the transfer speed when ripping a audio CD, but I can't find the option to select the speed.

I just click on the tumbnail "WAV to Hard Drive"

Can someone please indicate where to select the speed or How to make a exact WAV copy of a CD.
EAC will not let you select the speed. I will go as fast as it can while ensuring bit perfect transfers. Go to EAC>Drive Options>Extraction Method and select Secure Mode. You can also detect and compensate for the drive offset but I can't find the link that explains how to do so.
I've downloaded EAC, but have been unable to use it without an owners manual of some sort. Is there a reference piece that walks the user thru the basic steps?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
I make copies of all my reference CDs and they sound better than the orginal using Exact Copy!

For a great overview and "how to setup with exact directions for CD copying go to:

Follow these directions and hints and soon you'll have copies that soundbetter than the originals.
Sgr-Thanks so much for your help. Looking forward to making my first CD.
Thanks for your advices.It s been 2 years now that I started reading Audiogon everyday and I want to say that you re a great bunch of people always ready to help. Thanks again- and I hope that this year is the year that I will finally get my audio system.
Hope you enjoy EAC. What a great free product!
Yes, EAC is simply the best extraction tool.
For the writing process, I like Feurio the best:

For better sound quality on burned CD's, replace the cheap ATA/IDE ribbon cable inside your computer with these heavily shielded/grounded cables (major improvement!):

Best sounding CD-R's I've heard so far: HHB Professional Recording Media (made by Ricoh for CD mastering use). Certainly not the cheapest media out there, but sounds even better than Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui/MAM!
I went to the website mentioned for the How do I know which cables to buy for my computer. I'm not that much of an expert on the cables inside these things. I have a Dell with hard drive, CD/DVD, and CDR. Finding out which cables to order would sure be helpful.
You really need to open up your computer and see how the cables are connected to the hard drive and CD drive (in most cases they will be flat cables that look like a ribbon). Usually there is one cable that connects the hard drive(s) to the motherboard and another cable connecting the CD/DVD drive(s) to the motherboard. You will most likely need 2 cables. I would have recommended 2 of the RD3XP-A32 (20 in.) but those seem to be discontinued. You can get the RD3XP-A52 but those are overly long cables (28 in.) and may be hard to fit those inside a computer case. If you only have 1 hard drive/cd drive on the end of each cable, you can get the cables with only single connectors (either the RD3XP-A3 (12 in.) or RD3XP-A5 (20 in.) depending on how long a cable you need. If you have 2 devices connected to the same cable then you have to get the cables with 2 connectors as mentioned above. It's a shame some of these cables are being discontinued, as they are the best internal computer cables out there, that I know of.
Laurentgilles - go to Drive options and then the offset/speed tab. Speed options will vary some according to the drive that you have but EAC allows 6 options for my drive. From 4.0x to the maximum potential.