How to contact George Bischoff/Mark Porzilli

Does anyone know the best way to contact George Bischoff, former designer of Melos Audio products? Or, who might have schematic information for Melos products; specifically, the MA222 preamp?

Thanks in advance.

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Excellent! Thank you, Al; I will try those.

Actually, while I "have you on the line", allow me to tell you tell you why I want to contact him; you can probably answer my question: I have a Melos 222C preamp that I occasionally use for it's line-stage only. In the past I used it's phono stage as well, with tonearm wires hard wired directly to the phono input on the preamp's circuit board. At each channel's phono input there is a small polystyrene cap that I accidentally (clutz!) damaged with a hot soldering iron and I lost one channel. I had a couple of other phono stages, and never got around to fixing it. The only marking on the cap, other than a thin red band, is the number 180. My question to George would be: is this a 180pf cap? 180pf would seem about right, but want to make sure.

Regards, and thanks again.