How to contact Audiogon Support

All of the sudden my reply posts are deleted and now posting is suspended. 
Kindly explain, 
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Oh, thank you so much for the induction! 
I shall refer to "guys" rather when the "lads" make me LMAO, yes? 
No penalties for that I hope... 😉 
And yes it WAS Tammy's action that got that issue resolved. Kudos to her 💐  👍
If south of 39:43 you'd better use y'all 'stead of guys.
 I curtsy to your kindly mentioning of this culturally important understanding, sir. 🤩
Bloody funny y'all are 😊


Speaking of strange & unusual customs....(must be something caused by living upside down on the planet....wildfire smoke....momentary lapses of cohesion....*smirk*)

All y'all are slumping to delusions....;)