how to connect two jl audio f110 with Mitsubishi

I need help on how to connect (2) JL Audio f110 with my Mitsubishi LCD tv. My Mitsubishi LCD tv model # LT46153 is the first lcd flat panel tv with a 16-speaker sound system designed right into the television.

I believe any subwoofer will work but i prefer jl audio home subwoofer. I was wondering since the speakers are small on the tv. Are the f110 right choice? Any suggestions? If so, what right connections would you suggest. Remember my Mitsubishi LCD tv model# LT46153 has subwoofer out and i like too buy or use (2) JL Audio f110. Again, what will be the right connections? I surely appreciate your feedback or answers.

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To answer your question, I think you'd just need to get an RCA splitter and connect the subs to the subwoofer output on the TV.

I'd suggest using a single subwoofer such as a Martin Logan Dynamo 700 or 1000. Using two JL Audio subwoofers is like putting race car tires on a Geo Metro.

There's no way that the TV has sound quality anywhere close to what a JL Audio subwoofer is capable of. JL Audio and TV sound are orders of magnitude different.

There's no way that the TV has sound quality anywhere close to what a JL Audio subwoofer is capable of. JL Audio and TV sound are orders of magnitude different.

I have to agree with Mc.
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I like to say thanks to Mceljo and Bob_ Reynolds since second opinion counts. i was wondering upon reading your answer would it be best to buy one but i prefer JL Audio because of experience.

Mceljo and Bob _ Reynolds i like for you take a glimpse if you have the time and check on the manual of LT46153. Let me know what you think since you have see both sides of story. You see i was weary at first but upon reading manual i notice this Mitsubishi is capable. Upon reviewing you will know what i mean. Again, thank you let me know what you think.

I can provide you the web link to the Mitsubishi LT46153 manual. Okay it is

Upon reviewing page scroll little down and to your right you'll see what is in the box. Click on owners manual let me know what you think. I hope this was helpful.

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Mamas1993 - I had actually pulled up the manual prior to my original response. You're certainly welcome to us a JL Audio subwoofer, but at least consider only using one.

Consider this, have you ever heard a 2 watt single driver speaker that sounded very good? Even the cheap stereo systems at Walmart are 20 watts per channel. Specs are not everything, but in this case I think it's a fair indicator.

I'm sure the TV, setup properly, will sound much better than other TVs, but will still be junk compared to even a moderate 5.1 system using an receiver and seperate speakers properly placed.

For perspective, I have a $1,500 Integra 50.1 receiver, $3,000 Focal 836v main speakers and I use a $700 Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subwoofer for home theater.

I've heard several of the JL Audio subwoofers, including the big Gothom, and am familiar with their quality. The bottom line is that they are way beyond even my system for home theater.

Bob also has an excellent point in the overall frequency response of the TV combined with a true subwoofer.

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Mamas1993 - I'm not really trying to be hard on you, but I think it's important that you understand the limitations of your TVs sound and have the opportunity to spend your money wisely.

If you use your TV with two JL Audio subwoofers, I'd bet that you could visit any big box store and hear a true 5.1 box system that would sound better overall.

I'd suggest getting your TV setup without a subwoofer and after listening to it for a while visit some stores and compare the sound several 5.1 speaker systems. Once you find one that sounds similar to yours you can get an idea of the cost of the subwoofer that is being used and use that as a guide to for makeing a purchase.

I suspect that your TV will sound equivalent to a $500 range soundbar and that's including a subwoofer. I think the most expensive one I could find at Crutchfield was just over $1,100 (subwoofer included).

It doesn't it make sense to spend $4,000 for subwoofer to match a $500 soundbar in the same way it wouldn't make sense to use a $2,000 center channel with a $1,000 box 5.1 setup. You'll never be able to realize the value of your investment no matter how excellent a single component is. If your plan is to slowly build the entire system then maybe a JL Audio subwoofer is a good first purchase with the long term future in mind.

I really hope you get the sound that you're looking for. It's really rewarding to sit down to watch a movie and smile at the realization of how great it sounds.
If you can play a CD test-tone or set-up disk through your TV speakers, you can measure the frequency responce where the TV speakers naturally roll off the bass. It's best measured with a analog sound level meter with the test disk but you may try it by ear and get lucky. That should locate the near perfect crossover point for the sub to match the TV.

As mentioned by others, the 2 subs can be split on the TV's SUB OUT with a Y or T connector. A true 5.1 matched system will offer much more in sound quality.

You may have a couple settings in your TV menu to assure the sound is correctly being processed with the added subs.