How to connect Tidal and an external USB drive to my Audio System without wifi

Has anybody found a way to connect a hi res music streaming service such as Tidal plus an external USB drive to their audio system, without using wifi? I currently feed these 2 sources by ethernet into my computer and then thru a Locus Polestar USB cable to the DAC in my Peachtree NovaPre. However, I would love if I could connect them to my audio system independently of my computer. (For example, the BlueSound Node2 is not the solution because it will not support an external USB drive.) My budget is around $500 and I would purchase used equipment if necessary. Thanks for your help.
Is your modem router in the same room as your stereo? If so you could do something like hardwire a Sonos connect to your router and then hardwire a hard drive or NAS to your router. Then run a digital cable from the Sonos to your Peachtree. If the router is in a different room though you are stuck using Wifi.
My router is in the same room. I read that a Sonos credit is not sufficient hi res for Tidal. Maybe I misunderstood. Thanks.
Sonos works fine with Tidal which is not hi-rez but is lossless. It will not do hi-rez recording but that's not an issue for me. However in the scenario above other units can be substituted for the Sonos. I would assume the Bluesound Node could probably function this way, not sure if it can handle hi-rez.
I thought Bluesound did support USB drives.

Only USB flash drives.See "how USB Storage differs from a Local Library" in the Bluesound Help Center.
umn if you can connect the Bluesound to your router via ethernet or usb and then connect a NAS drive up to the router, you should be in business. You would be with Sonos and I'm assuming the Bluesound works basically the same.

I emailed Blusesound as to whether a USB hard drive canbe connected to a Node2 and they rresponded:

External hard drives/USB Stick work with the  player's USB port. If there's music files in the external HDD or USB Stick, we'll automatically index the songs and you can play them directly on your player. Also, they only create a temporary index which acknowledges the files on your USB drive separate from your library of music of computer shared folders and NAS devices. As long as the hard drive is in either FAT32(FAT) or NTFS format, our player will be able to read them.

For a full illustrations of what file formats Bluesound supports, please see the following -

So the good news is that, formatted correctly, an external USB drive should work.

Thanks for everyone's responses.