How to connect Sub OR Powr amp to NakamichiSR4 -

back of the Nak has a section called Processor contains 2 sets of R and L RCA inputs "INPUT" and "OUTPUT" connected with a copper connecting band (R INPUT into R OUTPUT same with Left).
Should I take the band out and connect the output to the input on the power amp ? leaving R and L INPUTs open? and what if I wanted to connect a Sub?
Those terminals are most likely to allow you to connect an external device like an equalizer into the signal path. I suspect that they are "ahead" of the volume control, and other controls. So if you connected the power amp or a sub to those terminals you would have no volume control, unless the power amp or sub provides one. Also, there may not be enough signal amplitude (voltage) at that point to adequately drive a power amp.

Also, taking the band out would disconnect the Nak's own amplifier section from the signal path. It should be ok to leave the band in while connecting a sub, though, assuming the sub has a high input impedance such as 100K ohms, as many of them do.

-- Al