How to connect Phono Stage from vintage receiver

I want to use my Marantz 2230 phono stage to play records through my integrated amp. Do I connect the preamp in from the 2230 to the inputs to my integrated? Or is there another way like through the tape out? My integrated has a passive preamp section.
IF I am understanding this correctly, you would plug the turntable cables into the Marantz phono, then use RCA cables from the TAPE OUT portion of the Marantz to run into any of the line levels of your integrated.

A preamp IN usually means you are using that unit's power section only, but without seeing it physically it's a bit tricky. Perhaps someone who has actually owned the Marantz 2230 could shed some light.

Just make sure all volumes are zeroed out before turning anything on and then slowly bring up the volume of the integrated.
TT >>> to Marantz phono input >>> Tape out of Marantz >>> to line in input of integrated amp.

Marantz receiver input selector set to phono for tape out.

Make sure volume control on receiver is turned all the way down to protect receiver amp.
Jea48's way is the way I would go.
Thanks folks. I'll give it a shot from the Tape Outs to the integrated. I had it running through the PRE OUT. I guess that way I'm using the preamp from the Marantz and through the Tape Out I'll be using just the phono section. Is that correct?

My long term goal is to get a preamp with a phono section or a line stage preamp and use a phono box.
Almonduck, that would give you two preamps,with extra tone,volume,balance,and more parts if you went from the 2230's preouts to your integated inputs.If it was a "power amp only" inputs,it should be ok. With Jea48's way will use the least amount of stuff. The other way would cause problems you don't need.Jea48 has it right.

I hooked it as Jea48 suggested and things are great. Less noise and more of my Red Wine integrated coming through. Thank you everyone for all your help.
Sounds Great!

Something else you may want to try,... reversing the non polarized plug of the marantz 180 degrees in the electrical receptacle outlet. One direction should be quieter than the other.
Noise, hum and AC polarity