How to connect phono stage?

So, many, perhaps most, power amps accept only one pair of inputs. So if you have a phono preamp and a line stage preamp, do you connect the phono pre into a line in of the phono pre?

I ask because this is what I have ended up doing with my Yaqin 12b tube phono stage/preamp (it has a line in and a MM in, and it sounds, I think, better this way than when I plugged it right into my power amp. Indeed, my preliminary reaction is that it sounds GREAT this way. This despite the fact that is designed to be used as a preamp direct into a power amp (or into an integrated). The other preamp, btw, it a Spectro-Acoustics 87R (I think that's the model).

What say you?
So if you have a phono preamp and a line stage preamp, do you connect the phono pre into a line in of the phono pre?

Well in your case the phono preamp is a line preamp as well (really a preamp with built in phono stage) so that you shouldn't need the additional preamp. That is one amplification stage to much IMO.

Sounds to me like your other preamp is just much better if you like the sound that way more. Why not get a better phono stage that plugs into the Spectro-Acoustics and sell the Yaquin?
Hi Restock,

Thanks for the input.

I agree that it seems one stage of amplification too much. Well, I think it sounds better through both stages. The Yaqin tubes do vivify the soundstage, bloom the timbres, all of that. This is especially true for CD. (I reserve the right to change my mind). Also, the Yaqin is made for plugging into an integrated amp or a power amp -- there is a .25v output for the former case, .7v for the latter. Finally, the Spectro-acoustics has 2 phono stages of its own -- very nice, but I wanted to get a taste of tubes, and as I said, tentatively, they do add a nice quality to the sound.
If both are linestages w/built-in phono stages, just use whichever one alone sounds better. If you need both together to sound good, perhaps neither has enough gain(quite odd!). If so, I'd sell them both and get one decent phono stage & one decent line stage, that together will provide enough gain. Cheers,
My spouse and I did an A/B session last night, and the Yaqin straight into the power amp won on both digital and vinyl over the Yaqin >> Spectro-acoustics line >> power amp. Both sounded very good, but the extra amplification stage brightened things, removed body, and collapsed the height and depth of the soundstage. Subtle, but definite (though I have no end of respect for the power of psychoacoustics).

Lucky I have two pairs of inputs on my amp (one direct and one variable), so I can listen to FM sometimes, and my second tonearm!