How to connect Oppo BDP 95 and Mcintosh MX136

I have a Oppo BDP-95 and Mcintosh MX- 136. How i can connect those 2 units to get the most of it? I use Hdmi for video but i don't now how to do the connection for audio and surround sound. Can somebody help me out.Thanks.
As on page 7 of your manual, use:
• External Eight Channel Input
An external eight channel signal processor can be connected
to these inputs as well as a DVD-Audio Player or Super
Audio Disc Player with a built-in processor.
Thank you very much.
Only 2 rca cable from Oppo to Mcintosh are not enough?
if your MX -136 does not have multi channel RCA input, then you need to use the MX-136 HDMI input from the Oppo in order to get surround sound.
The Oppo's 2 RCA outs are for the audiophile stereo only section of the Oppo and will not get you multi channel sound.
Two are appropriate for stereo. More for multichannel. Since you asked about surround, the latter would be needed.
1. As you can see from my post, the MX136 has a mch analog input.
2. The MX136 ha no audio capabilities on its HDMI inputs.

It is a rather older device.
If the Oppo does not have analog out for surround channels, you need to get an HDM 5.1 analog converter.

I use one I bought from Amazon to plug the surround channels into an old surround receiver without HDMI, and it works perfectly. The HDMI is a pass through so I am able to plug directly into the projector.
To Mariangrs and Audioquest4life:
1. The MX136 has a mch analog input.
2. The Oppo has a mch analog output.

Your generic comments are tangential and confuse the
To Kr4,

Not sure why had to state that our comments were tangential. Based upon the ambiguous information provided by the OP on how to connect two different components. I personally felt that my suggestion was appropriate and useful based upon my experiences integrating HDMI with all analog equipment. That being said, I feel that their is no room for someone to call someone us out for merely trying to help make informed decisions based on information that is provided. The OP would easily know if the information provided by others would be useful or's not up to some one like you to make that determination.
I think it is wonderful when people volunteer to help others
on the forum but, if you are unfamiliar with the specifics
the question has been answered, why bother?

All Oppo players have multichannel analog outputs.
As a matter of fact, my screen was not refreshed and I did not see the other responses, to include yours, therefore I was under the impression that their were no responses. Still, it does not matter, the OP will discern what response is really applicable to his/her situation. Additionally, responses such as mine could provide ideas to others who may be in similar circumstances concerning integrating analog two channel with digital, such as myself. That answers the "why".

As you know, the idea of some forums are to share ideas and experiences, truly advancing their hobby...I would assume that posters who innocently present ideas to help others would not face disparaging, condescending, or belittling comments from so called "industry experts". How does that help the hobby?

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