How to connect Computer to stereo system.

Hello everyone. Just finally complete my first stereo system in my bedroom. My computer in the same set-up and I threw away the cheap pc speakers. Now am just curious on how I would go about connecting my computer to my stereo system for general use for all my Mp3 files, Atrac and yes some gaming (extremly little). Also my computer will need to be my source until my funds rejuvenate. I already own a M-audio audiophile breakout box. Is that all I need? Or is there something else I require. Would I simply connect my innterconnector to the line out of the m-audio into my line in of the nad c320bee? Let me know guys thanks.
I imagine you can run a line from your sound card out to a spare input on your preamp/receiver. You'll need an adapter cable (male 1/8" to a pair of RCA male connectors) to connect the sound card's output to the input of your preamp/receiver.


Do you mean an M-Audio Audiophile USB? It is not a bad starting point. You can connect the analog output to your amp now and look into connecting the digital output to a DAC in the future.

Have fun.
What do you mean connecting digital output to DAC? Do you mean integrated amp. So connect digital output to pre/amp. Are there many intergrated amps that have digital inputs?
I think Kenn39 did mean preamp. In the typical lingo, an integrated amp is just a pre-amp and power amp in the same chassis. Most integrateds, therefore, won't have a built in DAC, although there may be exceptions. Usually, if they have DAC capabilities built-in, they are going to be labeled "home theater" receivers or "digital" receivers. But, you can also buy a standalone DAC--typically that will have a coax or toslink digital input and a pair of L/R analog outs that can be plugged into a line level input on your pre-amp. Because most DACs are PCM only, you won't get "surround" sound out of them, if that is something you are relying on for gaming.