How to connect audio system to AC outlets?

Hi folks, I want to ask this strange question: If I have several AC outlets (separate groups), is it better to use one AC outlet for the entire audio system (using some kind of a power distributor box/filter, like the Shunyata) or to use one AC outlet for each component in the system? Thank you in advance.

Chris, there's no one best answer here because it depends on how your AC outlets are wired. If you have any hum issues, having everything on the same outlet may help reduce or eliminate the hum because by definition you'll have only one route to ground (and assuming the one line has enough amperage capacity). OTOH, everything on one outlet means all your equipment is pulling power through just one line, which can be a limiting factor even if the amperage rating is sufficient. (If your multiple outlets are all on the same circuit, it really doesn't matter how you connect your gear to those outlet(s) other than earlier in the chain of outlets is better.)

If your outlets are on separate circuits, and you don't end up with any hum, a better choice would be to have your amp(s) on one circuit and your front end on another. Even better would be dedicated circuits coming in single cable home runs from your breaker box.

If you're going to spend any money, and you have the option to install a couple of dedicated home run circuits, that would be a better expenditure of funds than using some sort of distributor/power control device.
Thank you for your response Rushton.

Experiment thats it. I go directly into the wall with amps and the rest power conditioners, seems to work fine this way.
I've tried several different options, using dedicated lines. I was using a Hydra, with an Anaconda, and plugging much into it- phonostage, linestage and amps on one dedicated line. Powered Woofers had their own circuit. And the TT its own. To deal with grounding differences among the circuits, I used a Ground Zero device, which enabled me to quiet the system without having to float any of the grounds.
Now, I have eliminated the Hydra/Anaconda and go straight into the wall. Front end on one circuit; TT on another; amps on a third, which also power the woofers. Still using the Ground Zero device. System never sounded better, but I did change power cords to Joe Kubala's product.
As an inexpensive option, try replacing your electrical receptacles with PS Audio Power Ports. I've installed two for my system (one for A-V receiver/CD player and the other for the SubW). They sell for $50.00 each and they clearly do make a difference. The argument is why send power to your expensive high end components through a $2.00 builder's grade electrical outlet?