How to connect a Squeezebox Touch to a NAS device

I have a working wireless NAS connected to my system and moved all my iTunes to works, but I can't get the SQ Touch to pick it up. Help!
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Download Logitech Media Server software from their website and install it on your computer. Follow direction on their website about going into settings and selecting your music folder(where you will specify the path to your itunes music on your NAS(e.g. z:\mydrive\itunesmusic). Be sure to check the box "Use itunes".

Their tech support is good if you need to call. They will walk you thru it.
Is Logitech Media Server running? On PC or MAC? Can you access the NAS files from the computer LMS is running on? If so I would expect that you could configure LMS to reference that location for your library source files and that you would access LMS normally from the TOuch at that point.

SP Touch can also access files directly as I understand it, perhaps even remote network files (not sure) but I have read that that scenario tends to be less reliable in general with SB Touch.
I'll call 'em...I hope they still support the "Touch."
Your pc will need to be powered on though for this to work. Not as simple as sonos. You can connect with some nas but I think only net gear brand